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    Comments: My wife’s knees were bothered by arthritis,one worse than the other. Last year we went to Europe on vacation and found out, that something needs to be done. One of my hiking friends told me about a doctor in Red Bluff,who pioneered a new method (minimal invasive sugery) where the recovery time supposingly is a lot less painful and faster.

    After researching on Google,we were happy to find Dr.Freedhand,who at St.Helena hospital.After X-rays we found out ,my wife was a perfect candidate.for a total knee replacement.

    The operation took 45 minutes and my wife was back at home the next day. After 2-3 weeks she gave up on her walker and cane and was riding her bike.Driving her car was no problem and she went back doing her Exercises at Curves. She could not wait to get the other knee done,which happened in january.

    In the meantime I tore my meniscus in my right knee and Dr. Freedhand recomended a M.R.I. He found out I had more arthritis than expected.

    He recomended a partial knee replacement, which I had done a little over a week ago. I can walk without a walker or cane and feel terrific.I go shopping and drive my car without any problem. At three weeks I’m already walking up to 2 miles including the hills in San Francisco. I can highly recommend Dr.Freedhand and his super nurses.The stay at the hospital felt like a resort and I have no complaints whatsoever. We also recommended Dr. Freedhand to people we know, and they have not been disappointed.
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