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    Very Good

    Comments: Each trip to St. Helena, major problem was finding someone to get their fast enough the next day to take me home, because each time I thought maybe I would have to stay more than one night. but that didn’t happen.

    I am so thrilled that these are all behind me and 5 weeks after my last surgery I am doing wonderfully. I was able to walk all over Walmart yesterday and did not collapse when I got home. Seems incredible to me – when just last May I vacationed in Boston, Chicago, New York City, etc. Went to the Empire State Building, top of Sears Building, couple of baseball games, visited Cheers. BUT. all was by way of a wheelchair and someone pushing me.

    I had no idea how much my hip hurt before surgery. I always thought it was from my back and MRI’s would show enough to support my thoughts. I am thrilled to have it all done… but the hip is probably really the biggest thing of all. Standing tall and pain free are the real rewards!

    Pain free is really high on the list of wonders.

    I am so glad I waited to have the surgeries; I have heard horror stories from friends. I feel blessed that I was able to wait till MIS – total joint replacement surgery was mastered and truly feel blessed that I was able to find Doctors that really are good at what they do. When I was questioning Dr. Freedhand’s credentials I pointed out not all Doctors graduate at the top of their class. Actually to me, with my 35 year relationship with St. Helena – to add these doctors to their staff is a sufficient background check but I did try to learn as much as I could about the Doctors, their background and the product (Stryker) that they are proud to use.

    Thanks much for all of these successful surgeries, and Best Wishes to you –
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