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Dr Freedhand you change my life – i can now live a normal life – I am for ever greatfull for what you have done fore me – funny thing was never really hurt after surgery.

John Griffiths

Dr Freedhand is a miracle worker! He replaced my left hip about 3yrs ago with the poster approach and replaced my right hip this past March with the anterior approach. Comparing the two is night to day. The anterior approach is by far the way to go! If I had another hip, I’d have that one done too. I was discharged the following day after surgery, was able to get around my home without a walker, slept on my surgery side that night, able to drive that week.

My recovery gains were 100% better than the day before, it was amazing. I can cross my leg and don’t have to worry about any precautions. I wouldn’t have known I had surgery except for the scar that serves as a reminder to me. He cares for his patients and wants us to enjoy mobility without pain. He’ll never ignore you and will greet you with a smile. I’m very fortunate he’s in my life. I can count on him to care for my future needs (my knees). Thank you Dr Freedhand for giving my life back!

Arlene Hurst

On Wednesday February 9, 2011, Dr. Freedhand performed “Anterior Hip Replacement” on my left hip. The very next day I was able to stand & walk totally unassisted. Stunning.

I can enthusiastically recommend Dr. Adam Freedhand to anyone considering hip replacement.

Thomas Pheil

Hello Everyone,

Here is a picture of me playing in a golf tournament on Day 12 after my hip replacement surgery. I was even able to swing my driver without any pain. I played very well for me, (How many more of these can I have?) I was a little sore yesterday, but today is my best day yet. On day 9 I walked my dog one mile on hilly terrain. You guys are all great.

See you in August,

Dear Dr. Freedhand,

Thank you so much for replacing my hip. On December 31 I hiked in Palm Springs and did a six mile hike with 800 ft. elevation gain. To think that in October before my operation that I could only walk half a block without pain is amazing to me. You have developed an excellent technique and the recovery was easy. I never had significant pain and did my own therapeutic exercises in the gym and walking. The stairmaster is the best machine for recovering quadriceps function in my limited experience. I have attached a note for your website, but feel free to use this letter as well. If you have any patients who want to speak with someone who has had the procedure, have them call me or I will call them.

Thanks again. I hope you are getting lots of cases. I will refer to you when I have the opportunity.

Syd Garfinkle

Each trip to St. Helena, major problem was finding someone to get their fast enough the next day to take me home, because each time I thought maybe I would have to stay more than one night. but that didn’t happen.

My wife’s knees were bothered by arthritis,one worse than the other.

Last year we went to Europe on vacation and found out, that something needs to be done.

I am a patient of Dr. Adam Freedhand

Prior to going to Dr. Freedhand, I had a hip replacement on my right hip performed by another orthopedic surgeon. I never truly recovered properly from that surgery. Over the next several years, my hip problem worsened. The pain become so excruciating I could barely walk.

When one is faced with the need of a hip replacement it seems surreal. I would like to share my experience. Who will you trust to be your Surgeon? You ask and ask and ask again. A name that kept coming up was Dr. Adam Freedhand. I decided he was my choice. When I met him I was pleased. He answered my questions and explained some of the process. His main goal was to help & heal me. The surgery went very WELL. I came from the genetic pool of bountiful hips. Dr. Freedhand is part magician and a master of his craft. How could he get my hip out of a 3 ½ incision? That is something to pander. It’s been now 6 months. This hip feels like it is the real thing.

Dr. Adam Freedhand is a man of HIGH ETHICS.

Thank you,


I hope this letter be of use to you.

I am a 62 year old woman and injured my knee during exercise. The resulting pain was excruciating. Finally saw Dr Freedhand who recommended and performed arthroscopic surgery. He said I would need several weeks of PT to regain the strength in the knee and get rid of the pain. Worked like a charm! I do have an occasional slight twinge of pain, but I have excellent strength and mobility in my knee. I was always treated promptly and respectfully by the doctor and his staff and would recommend him to anyone. The website fails to mention that Dr Freedhand is admitted at Queen of the Valley Medical Center in addition to St Helena Hospital.

I want to say that I have never felt more comfortable with a doctor, until I meet Dr. Freedhand. Not only is his staff more than helpful and courteous, his professionalism and knowledge was comforting as well. With numerous encounters with Dr. Freedhand I am always welcomed with a nice smile from the front office and a warm welcome with his assistant. I would definitely recommend Dr. Freedhand for any orthopedic problems to any of my family or friends.

Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield