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Preparing for Surgery/Procedure

Preparing for Surgery

The decision to proceed with surgery is an important one and often associated with feelings of concern and stress. It is important to understand the reason for the surgery, what it involves, what the treatment options and alternatives are, and what the associated risks are. Physical and mental preparation is important in getting the best possible result. The chances of an excellent result are best when the patient and surgeon have the same expectations. Understanding the process will give you peace of mind which will facilitate your recovery.

Prior to surgery you will undergo a complete physical examination to identify any problems that could interfere with surgery. In addition, routine blood tests, chest X-ray, EKG and urinalysis are performed in the weeks prior to major surgery. On occasion further testing may be required for patients with complex medical conditions.

If you are having Makoplasty robotic partial knee replacement or total knee replacement using custom fabricated cutting blocks you will require a CT scan or MRI prior to surgery as a routine part of your pre-surgical planning.

It is important for your doctor to know all medications and supplements that are being taken; some of these may need to be stopped prior to surgery. For example, aspirin, blood thinners such as Coumadin, Plavix and anti-inflammatory medicines will need to be stopped as they increase surgical bleeding risk.

Exercise is an important component of your recovery after surgery and specific exercises will be given as part of your pre-operative packet. Exercise can also help you prepare your body for your recovery after surgery and should be considered a lifelong pursuit to optimize your function and enjoyment and to minimize reinjury and pain.

Achieving and maintaining an ideal body weight will improve your general health and improve your surgical result. However, dieting and attempts at weight loss are not recommended immediately before or after surgery.

Smoking negatively affects your general health and can also slow your healing and recovery from surgery. Quitting or decreasing the amount you smoke can improve your surgical result, your general health and your life.

Eating a well balanced diet with appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements can facilitate healing and recovery from surgery.

Please report any recent or active infections to your surgeon including tooth, gum, bladder or bowel problems. Surgery cannot be done if an active infection is present.

Home Planning

After surgery you will need support at home. Arrange to have someone available to help with routine needs such as cooking, shopping, cleaning and laundry.

Assess your home for fall risk; loose carpets should be removed, cords taped down and furniture spaced to allow easy passage with a walker or crutches.

Put things that you need within easy reach such as phones, books, remote controls, keys, etc.

You should have a comfortable chair to sit in the upright position that is easy to get in and out of as well as something to recline on to allow easy elevation of your legs. Plan for an appropriate amount of space to get in and out of bed.

Same Day Surgery

You will need a ride home because of the effects of anesthesia and shouldn't drive for 24-48hrs depending on your recovery. Avoid eating and drinking in the car as it may bring on unexpected nausea and vomiting. Once home, follow the instructions that have been given to you for your surgery.

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